Friday, September 7, 2007

Web 2.0

This buzz word has now transformed itself into a 'non-jargon' word. Every netizen is aware of it.

It is a happening thing, yet I wonder, what if this really exist even before it is. When it comes to the internet experience, WEB 2.0 rocks. Now every web page wants web 2.0 feel. Usability, Interactivity, RSS feed has become a layman term, Google maps is the most used navigation system, 'read in papers this morning' has gone long ago, 'I checked today's podcast' is happening, Socializing through internet, all these being the aspect of Web 2.0 (especially the last one), it is all about the experience we have .

Lots and lots of good stuffs are coming through in my further posts. Some good WEB 2.0 sites:

On my forthcoming posts I will be writing tutorials on web 2.0 based designing and development.

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